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Website in a Day!!!

WOAH! Is that even possible?

Would you like it done in a day?

Over the past 15 years, I have created a very smooth process for developing a website.

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How is this possible?

  1. There are multiple people required to create a website.For a normal website – the kind I can create for you in a day, there are four  people required:
    • The Programmer
    • The Designer
    • The Project Manager
    • Client.

    For your website, you will play the role of the client. You know your business better than any web designer, including me, and you have the information that I will need to the creation of your website. I will serve as the program manager and the programmer for your website project, and my designer will be available all day to make your site gorgeous.

  2. Waiting isn’t fun for anyone. Often much of the time is spent waiting for information from the client. Some of the time is spent waiting for the designer to find time to do your project. Even if the design project isn’t that big, you have to wait for the graphic designer to get to it. In a 6 week web design project, it isn’t unusual to spend 90% of the time waiting for information from the designer or the client.
  3. We have created a way to eliminate the waiting! From start to finish, we will make your website experience smooth and painless. As I said earlier, the designer sets aside this time in advance to work with us, and you get all of the information ready for me in advance so that we all make the most of our time!

 Website in a Day plans start at $2000. Request your website in a day now!

Website in a day plans include:

  • Website Consultation (before the Creation Day)
  • WordPress website development.
  • Customized design using the Genesis Framework for WordPress. (Genesis is an awesome framework that helps us create fast, secure websites that are highly functional.)
  • One year of standard website hosting.
  • Project Management

Extras that you can add (Some may happen before or after the Creation Day):


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