Music changes perception

Music and mood are closely interrelated — listening to a sad or happy song on the radio can make you feel more sad or happy. However, such mood changes not only affect how you feel, they also change your perception. For example, people will recognize happy faces if they are feeling happy themselves. Posted […]

Scientists turn skin cells directly into blood cells, bypassing middle pluripotent step

via Pretty amazing, but what would be more amazing is if they could go the other direction and create other types of tissue from blood. Blood is easily and quickly replaced, and plentiful in the body. Skin, plentiful, but not so quick and easy to replace. Posted via email from Vi Wickam’s posterous

Spontaneous GMOs in nature: Researchers show how a genetically modified plant can come about

Genetically modified plants can come about by natural means. A research group at Lund University in Sweden has described the details of such an event among higher plants. It is likely that the gene transfer was mediated by a parasite or a pathogen. via One explanation of some genetic mutations in plants – naturally […]