CHEVY BILLBOARDS Make an Emotional Marketing Connection

I received these pictures in an email claiming that these billboards are all over Detroit during the Woodward Dream Cruise, a large classic car event in August.   These new Chevy Billboards capture the glory years of the US automotive industry. I really like it that in recent years, US automakers have returned to some […]

Personal Branding In 5 Minutes Or Less

Personal Branding is a topic that is widely misunderstood, and often misused. To me, personal branding does cannot be successful if you are trying to reinvent yourself. True personal branding must be authentic to be successful. It must start with introspection and finding your passion. Only then can you create a brand that people will […]

How to Promote Your Business on Flickr

Flickr offers one of the largest image archives and communities online and one that is often not targeted because most small businesses aren’t yet good at creating the one thing they need to have credibility in Flickr … high quality non-marketing images. Posted via email from Vi Wickam’s posterous