Top 5 Reasons to Use Google+ Hangouts On Air

Top 5 Reasons to Use Google+ Hangouts On Air

Holy Cow! Google+ Hangouts On Air is one of the coolest things I have seen in a LONG time. If you do online marketing and you aren’t using Google+ Hangouts One Air, you are missing out on a Super-Powerful Tool. 5 Reasons Why Google+ Hangouts On Air is so cool: You can create a live […]

The Yellow Pages is DEAD

I have been saying this for the last 5 years. The paper yellow pages are gone. They are a dead duck – or a freight train that has been running out a fuel since 1995. Google, and other local search engines are the “Yellow Pages” of today. If you can’t be found online, you can’t […]

Google Chrome EULA – What is Google Thinking?

I have been playing with Chrome most of the day, and I think that Chrome is wonderfully fast, but there is a serious issue with the Chrome EULA that needs to be addressed before I will make it my primary browser. I hope that Google addresses this EULA issue soon, because I do like […]