Add a Custom Body Class for WP Emember Logged In Users

Add a Custom Body Class for WP Emember Logged In Users

I am currently using wp eMember on a number of membership websites. Hopefully this post will help you tweak the look and feel of your wp eMember website The idea here is that we want to customize the user experience for users who are logged into wp eMember. My biggest reason for choosing it was […]

Scientists turn skin cells directly into blood cells, bypassing middle pluripotent step

via Pretty amazing, but what would be more amazing is if they could go the other direction and create other types of tissue from blood. Blood is easily and quickly replaced, and plentiful in the body. Skin, plentiful, but not so quick and easy to replace. Posted via email from Vi Wickam’s posterous

Annual Body Regeneration?

For most people, a makeover means losing weight and getting new clothes, hair and makeup. But what they may not know is that the body does its own extreme makeover regularly. In fact, 98 percent of the atoms in the body are replaced yearly. But these atomic makeovers prompt a more philosophical question: Are people […]