Improving WordPress Performance with HTACCESS

Improving WordPress Performance with HTACCESS

This post outlines a simple, and smart update to the default wordpress .htaccess file configuration that should improve the efficiency of the rewrite functionality which wordpress uses for creating search engine friendly URL’s.As many of you already know, page load speed is very important to your visitors’ user experience. I’m looking forward to quantifying the […]

Securing Your Website with HTACCESS

This is an excellent tutorial on how to utilize .htaccess files to secure your web hosting, and hopefully also save a little bandwidth. Dr. Neal Krawetz recently presented on htaccess, and I was thoroughly impressed by his knowledge and enjoyed the presentation.,-Part-IV.html You may also find this HTACCESS/mod_rewrite cheat sheet useful: Posted via […]

The Yellow Pages is DEAD

I have been saying this for the last 5 years. The paper yellow pages are gone. They are a dead duck – or a freight train that has been running out a fuel since 1995. Google, and other local search engines are the “Yellow Pages” of today. If you can’t be found online, you can’t […]