Music and the Mind at Ignite Fort Collins

This is my 5 minute Music and the Mind talk I gave at Ignite Fort Collins #8 on May 19th. Music is more important to the human race than it often receives credit for. Music connects us with our intuition. It creates discipline and focus in its students, and it even creates structure and synchronization […]

What is Health?

Health is not purely the absence of illness. Health involves Mental, Physical, and Spiritual aspects. Health is a state of stability, wellness and ease in all aspects of being, Physical, Spiritual, and Emotional. Each of these aspects of being are intertwined. Emotional upset will affect us spiritually. Spiritual disconnect will lead us to be hardened […]

Pregnant mother’s diet impacts infant’s sense of smell, alters brain development

A major new study shows that a pregnant mother’s diet not only sensitizes the fetus to those smells and flavors, but physically changes the brain directly impacting what the infant eats and drinks in the future. “Many diseases plaguing society involve excess consumption or avoidance of certain kinds of foods,” said Restrepo, a professor of […]