Local Search

Local Search is one of the hottest trends on the internet. According to some sources, about 1/3 of all internet searches are local searches, and an even higher percentage of searches on mobile devices are local oriented.

“What is local search?” you might ask. Local search is when a search term is combined with a locality. For instance, if I wanted to find a someone in Fort Collins, CO who does search engine optimization, I might search for:

Fort Collins SEO Service


SEO Fort Collins

or maybe

Fort Collins, CO Search Engine Optimization

Each of these searches would be considered a local search. If you do business on a local basis, local search listings are one way you can get a lot of bang for your buck. Local search results are one of the specialized search results that Google, Yahoo and Bing display along with the regular search results.

I can help you submit a keyword optimized profile for you on Google Places, Yahoo Local, Yelp, and other local search engines so that you can connect to those customers who are trying to find the service you offer in your city.