Google Analytics


Google Analytics is a service that allows you to easily see what your visitors do on your website. If you are spending any money advertising online, having accurate analytics data is essential to getting and keeping your message on target and maximizing your return on your advertising dollars.

Google Analytics

Using a standard setup of Google Analytics, you can find the answers to things like:

  • Where did your visitor come from?
  • What pages did they land on?
  • What pages did they visit?
  • How many people left after the first page?
  • How many pages did they visit?

And a host of other questions.

ECommerce Google Analytics

If you are running an eCommerce website, you have no excuse for not making use of Google Analytics to track your advertising dollars, and what they are returning to you in sales.

With eCommerce websites, Google Analytics can be setup with a little bit of extra configuration to give you answers for questions like:

  • Did they buy anything?
  • How much did they spend?
  • How many people buy on their first visit?
  • How many people bailed during the checkout?
  • What is a visitor that comes from (XYZ) website worth to me on average?

Whatever the question is that you have about the traffic on your website, there is a good chance that I can help you use Google Analytics to find the answer.