Google Adwords Management

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising Management

Most of the Google Search Advertising works on a Pay Per Click (abbreviated PPC) model. This means that you don’t pay for your ad to show up unless someone clicks on your ad and visits your site. This can work really well for your business because:

  • Everything can be measured. Unlike radio or TV advertising, Google Adwords is super measureable. By using an Analytics system, you might be amazed at the
  • You can track those visitors to see what ads and keywords are generating clicks. You can even see which of those keywords and ads are creating customers if you are doing ecommerce, or have a lead generation form that you want people to fill out.
  • You can look at the results and decide what a click is worth to you so that you know what you are paying to acquire a new sale.
  • You can even see what each new sale is worth using you Analytics.
That said, if your campaigns are not setup well, or you aren’t keeping an active eye on them, Google Search Advertising is an easy way to pour a lot of money into a big hole.  I will help you setup your campaigns with a solid structure, and teach you how to manage and test your advertising. Or, if you prefer, I can manage your Google Advertising for you, so that you know that you are maximizing your return on your advertising dollar.

Google Search Ads

Google Search Ads are the text ads that show up as the top “sponsored results” and down the right hand side of the Google search results page. Google Search ads can be highly effective because:
  • You can target your customers when they are ready to buy using well targeted keywords
  • You can track the customers behavior using Google Analytics to see which keywords convert into customers.
  • You can view your cost per conversion for each keyword to see what a new customer costs you for each keyword.
  • You can run split tests with different ads to compare the results of one ad over another.
It is critical that you track your advertising spend and its effectiveness for you, because if you don’t I’m willing to bet that one of your competitors will.

Banner Ad Management

Google has made some amazing new advancements in the area of banner advertising. This new feature is something called the remarketing campaign. Remarketing Campaigns sometimes perform up to 10 times more effectively than traditional banner ad campaigns. This is because a remarketing campaign targets a visitor who has already been to your website. This allows you to have higher frequency with this specific visitor. Traditional banner advertising either targets keywords or websites, which can be effective as a branding exercise, but usually doesn’t produce a great return on your advertising spend. Based on my experience, the remarketing banner ad campaign is the only type of banner advertising that can compare with Google search text ads in term of return on investment.

What is the bottom line?

When you look at your investment in online advertising, you want to get a positive return on your investment. That means that for each dollar that you spend on online advertising, you should make more in profit (margin dollars) than you spent on the ad.   Effectively managing your online advertising is the only way to maximize the return on your online advertising investment.

I can help you setup your campaigns so that they run efficiently, setup your conversion tracking and analytics so that you know where your money is going and what is making you the best return on your spend. And I can keep an eye on your campaigns for you, optimizing the campaigns and running split tests so that your ads keep getting better.