About Vi

Who is Vi Wickam?

I am the kind of guy that you would have over to share a beer with and talk about business, computers, the arts or even politics.  I have been creating websites since AOL added Internet.

I have done much more than coding websites over the last 15 years. I understand business, and marketing as well. I ran an IT company for 12 years and grew it to over $700,000 in annual revenues.

I understand what it takes to make a successful online business venture, and I can lead you down the path to your own success.

What makes Vi better?

Vi Wickam has been advising companies in the realm of online business since 1998. He will help you find the business direction that will help you and your online business succeed.

Vi is more than just a techy (he has a deep understanding of technology, but that’s just the beginning.)

Vi understands Business – Vi was raised in an entrepreneurial household, and the last time he was employed in a 9-5 JOB was when he was in college. Vi knows what makes businesses succeed and fail, and he can help you find your sweet spot.

Vi can speak Human – Vi is as comfortable speaking about business or music as he is speaking geek.


What  can Vi do for you?

  • Help you spend your online ad dollars more efficiently.
  • Help you choose what to spend your money on next.

This is all about you. I want to help you make your idea a successful and growing business.


Who are my ideal clients?

  1. Businesses who are already using Google Adwords, and would like to get a better return on their money spent.
  2. Business who want to take their SEO to the next level.
  3. Businesses who want to convert more of their visitors into customers.
  4. Businesses who are bringing a product to a national audience online.


What does Vi do when he’s not online?

In a completely different realm, I’m a successful fiddler, and recently was selected to judge the National Oldtime Fiddle Contest.

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